La Crue de la Seine was published in Bonsai: the Big Book of Small Stories in August 2018



I Imagined You Different was published in Retrospective by Palm-sized Press in 2017.Retrospective

Tissue was published as part of a series of birthday postcards by Elbow Room on 1 September 2017.



Impressionism was published in Meniscus, Volume 5, Issue 1 in June 2017.

Meniscus 2


Crue de la Seine was published in Elbow Room, Volume 16 on 30 March 2017.

Elbow Room


My short story, The Lost of Syros, was a Weekend Read on the For Books’ Sake website on 13 May 2016.For Books' Sake

For Books’ Sake aims to create a community that centres on, supports and champions writing by women and girls, challenging inequality and empowering women and girls of all backgrounds to tell their stories and have their voices heard.



My short story, Crue, was published on the Ink, Sweat and Tears webzine on 19 March 2016.Ink Sweat and Tears


Flowers, Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology 8, 10 October 2015 ISBN:978-1-910089-23-1



Finding Katherine, (non-fiction), Katherine Mansfield Society Newsletter Issue 21, August 2014, ISSN 2040-2597

KMS logo

A Bird So Rare, Takahe 84, April 2015 ISSN: 0114-4138

small takahe 84

Stars, Solstice Shorts: sixteen stories about time, January 2015, ISBN: 978-1-909208-23-0Solstice shorts anthology

The Wet, Takahe 83, December 2014 ISSN 0114-4138

takahe 83


A Bird So Rare has won the SWWJ Elizabeth Longford Poetry Award 2014.



Over The Dam, the Sara Park Annual Short Story Competition Anthology, Red Squirrel Press, March 2014

Red Squirrel Press


The Rememberer, The Interpreter’s House No. 55, February 2014, ISSN 1361-5610

interpreter's house


Transport Dream Catcher 28, January 2014 ISBN: 978-1-939269-14-0, ISSN: 1466-9455

A Walk In The Forest, Meniscus Journal, Australian Association of Writing Programmes, August 2013, ISSN: 2201-8862


Painting Katherine, The Frogmore Papers, Number 81, March 2013 ISSN: 0956-0106

frogmore papers


The Glasshouse Mountains, The Parabola Project, Volume 1, Issue 2, November 2011. ISSN: 2045-8746 http://wordslikepictures/parabola.



Albatross , The Yellow Room, Issue 6, July 2011

Yellow Room

Katherine and the Lighthouse, The Parabola Project, Volume 1, Issue 1: Origins ISSN: 2045-8746 .


Move to Trash 

One thought on “Writing”

  1. Emma, hope you had a safe and restful journey home today. Thank you for making our day at the Lit & Phil on Monday night. You talked briefly at the pub about working with artists, with a view to adding creative text of some sort. I thought you might just be interested in seeing my first proper effort along the same lines. One of the members of my little poetry group is also President of the Sunderland Photographic Society and has also won prizes for his photos. He brought in some of his photos to stir our creative juices. I picked up my first effort this morning from the framers. I would like to send it to you for your comment – his photo and my poem. But I don’t know where i could send it so that you get it and it arrives in one piece. Have you got an ‘official’ email address i could use? Best wishes, Charles GARDINER.

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